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Services We Provide

We are aware of the long waits, crowded waiting rooms with sick and injured patients you have to endure just to see a health care provider. Fortunately, with the development of new technology this gives us the opportunity to meet your healthcare needs. We will do everything in our power to assist you as soon as possible.  Simply make an appointment that is convenient for you.


Also known as telehealth, virtual medicine or electronic medicine this gives you remote access to healthcare services, including examinations and consultations. 

Through this service, our team of healthcare professionals will be able to evaluate, diagnose, and treat you without the need for an in-person visit for many health care concerns. Patients can communicate from home using their own personal smart phone, tablet or computer, through our HIPPA and ADA certified website. 


Face to Face

This service consists of a face to face appointment by a healthcare professional on our team, in your home, office, hotel, yacht or wherever is convenient for you.


Concierge Membership

This gives you and your immediate family a monthly or annual membership to have access to one of our providing healthcare professionals in a timely manner to address your healthcare concerns, consultations, medication refills, minor injuries, etc. Simply contact us for the details and services provided.


lab and Imaging Services

We have contracted with local labs and imaging services (Xrays, ultrasound) to provide laboratory and imaging services as needed to assess your healthcare needs.

Consulting and Referring
Healthcare Providers

We have developed a team of healthcare professionals with various specialties with whom we work to provide a consulting and referring network of services according to your needs. They are available by appointment in their offices. We offer you the contact information for each one.


We offer you a better choice for your health care needs